InterServices Consulting, offers specialized engineering services for companies and organizations with requirements in the fields of risk assessment, safety and loss prevention technology

With our group of specialists in research and design for prevention and protection, InterServices Consulting has developed technology based on international experiences with the special merit of constant test that has allowed to demonstrate its quality. In addition, our experience in the operation of several leading companies in America in the areas of executive protection, electronic surveillance systems and comprehensive security for government, industrial and commercial facilities are a certificate of guarantee for our clients who have honored us with their confidence and approval.

The consulting process includes preliminary studies of facilities and procedures, assessing levels of vulnerability, the feasibility and identification of risks in addition to the preventive means available for customerĀ“s application or use within preventive programs considering the specific requirements and the solutions that have application in the short, medium and long term.

As derived from these preliminary assessments we design the preventive and control systems applicable to the needs of our customers. This forces us to be continuously updated on the current technology and the available resources in the market to recommend tailored up to the date technology for implementation.